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  • You are a First Time Homeowner, Now What?

    Lori Richardson, Producer

    Congratulations, you finally found your dream home and you are ready to move in!!  The first step is to find a homeowners policy that will protect your investment.  Let me give you a few helpful hints on what to look for in a new Homeowners policy and what questions to ask. 

    Make sure that your insurance agent is an advisor and not just an order taker.  What type of home did you purchase? Do you live on a lake? Or in a subdivision?  Did you buy a condo?  Or did you purchase a historical home?  All of these factors will make a difference in which type of coverage you choose.  Do you have a basement? Is it finished?  Give your advisor all of the information about your home that you can gather to make sure you are covered correctly. 

    Then ask about the coverages to make sure you understand – do you have coverage to protect you if you have a sewage back up in your home?  Do you have coverage if laws or ordinances change over the years and you have a loss to only a portion of your home?  What deductibles do you want?  Ask about discounts that are available – do you belong to any groups – College Alumni?  Credit Unions? If you call an independent insurance agency – like Brown and Brown of Michigan, we will ask you all of these questions and more.  We want to make sure we know everything about the new home you are buying and get to know you and your family.  We can look at your auto coverage as well to get you a package policy.  This will allow us to see the entire picture of your family and save you money at the same time.  We look forward to talking with you soon.   

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      You are a First Time Homeowner, Now What?