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  • Distracted Driving: Every Second Matters

    By Tricia Rawlins, Marketing Leader

    Brown & Brown is partnering with Travelers Insurance Company to increase education and awareness around distracted driving. The Travelers Institute has launches its Every Second Matters website under a national education initiative aimed at reducing distracted driving. We invite our clients, neighbors and friends to visit this site often as new content, events, and activities will be held throughout 2018.

    Every Second Matters

    What Can You Do?

    Since you have no control over other drivers the best thing you can do protect yourselves and families is be a proactive driver. Most people would agree that technology is the biggest culprit and only by holding ourselves and others accountable will we change what has sadly become a social norm.

    1. First and foremost, lead by example and adhere to a no technology distraction policy. Challenge others to do the same and speak up to a distracted driver when you’re the passenger. Talk to your youthful drivers and challenge them to do the same when riding with friends.

    2. Assume you are invisible. Just because you use your turn signal doesn’t mean the driver behind you sees it. Give yourself ample time and room to merge and change lanes.

    3. Avoid aggressive driving. It is safer to go with the flow of traffic and drive defensively. Who hasn’t had an impatient driver cut them off only to be one car length ahead of them?

    4. Control your emotions. Don’t let the actions of an aggressive driver – like the one who might cut you off, get to you. That in itself could be distractive and is completely outside of your control.

    In closing, we ask that you please click the Every Second Matters Link and educate yourself and your loved ones. Please feel free to share this information with friends and family as well. The more awareness generated, the safer we’ll all be.

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      Distracted Driving: Every Second Matters