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  • Increased Fee on Auto Insurance to Impact Michigan Drivers

    Increased Fee on Auto Insurance to Impact Michigan Drivers

    Michigan motorists will soon pay more as the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association, the state’s no-fault auto insurance plan, increases it’s fee from $160 to $170 per vehicle on July 1. The $10 increase is the result of growing costs to cover existing claims. “Unfortunately, this is an increase that affects all insured drivers in the state, regardless of their provider” explains Stephanie Natzke, personal lines insurance advisor with Brown & Brown.

    For more information on the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association and how it will impact you, please click here or contact a Brown & Brown advisor at 810.629.1566.

    Protecting Your Business from a Cyber Attack

    We’ve all heard about banks and large retailers falling victim to cyber attacks. But what happens when a small business is attacked? The impact of such an event can be devastating, both financially and to the company’s reputation. “In today’s digital world, more and more small- to medium-sized businesses are finding themselves at risk online,” explains Jason Vandeberghe, commercial lines advisor with Brown & Brown. “Thankfully, there are some great coverage options available to help insure against the variety of issues related to cyber incidents.”

    To learn more about the risks of cyber security, please click here. And to discuss coverage options for your business or organization, contact a Brown & Brown advisor at 810.629.1566.

    Can Your Umbrella Weather the Storm?

    By Tyler Vandeberghe,
    Brown & Brown Commercial Lines Advisor

    As with any insurance policy, just because a policy is in force, doesn’t mean you have insurance. Umbrella or Excess Liability Insurance policies are purchased to fulfill contracts or to give us an extra layer of insurance at a cheaper price. We can all agree that the money spent on that policy would be wasted if there were a large uncovered claim. As they say, the devil is in the details. Making sure that a policy is written correctly through all layers is a way to ensure that any business owner isn’t overpaying for insurance by having an uncovered claim that could’ve been covered with proper review.

    Click here to read the full article by Tyler Vandeberghe, or speak to him directly by calling Brown & Brown at 810.629.1566.

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      Increased Fee on Auto Insurance to Impact Michigan Drivers