Our Process

Proprietary Analysis


It is virtually impossible to determine every potential cause of loss. If we could do that, then we would only buy insurance for those causes of loss we have identified What we can do is build the best possible policy for the least amount of money – this is creating value. This is the essence and purpose of our proprietary analysis, a very important risk transfer technique

If we accomplish this, the policy is constructed to live with the possibility of risk versus anticipating it, which simply equates to a bad bet. Because we do not have a crystal ball we must have a process, otherwise we are simply spinning the wheel of misfortune.

Brown & Brown’s process centers on a proprietary policy analysis that examines each line of coverage individually to provide a holistic indication of the overall insurance program’s effectiveness.


We Cannot See the Future

The Epistemology of Risk

Many people believe that no evidence of risk is evidence of no risk. The complication of these similar two thoughts are that they are vastly different but appear to be similar
and the latter can be easily replaced with the former; creating beliefs that are not only unjustified but also potentially harmful.

Therefore when we think of risk and risk transfer (insurance) we must think of possibility over probability especially when possibility can be avoided at no increase in cost.

But without a crystal ball how do we accomplish this? We can’t, if we could we would all be billionaires tomorrow with the ability to see into the future.


The Process


Within our proprietary process we examine over 500 plus areas within your policy.

To the right are the results of our examination of a policy. Rare and low impact problems within your policy are in the bottom left. As you move right, the probability of the potential problems increases. As you move upward, the severity or impact of a potential problem increases.